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November 11, 2009


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Option A, no contest.

Unrelated news I'm putting here because Jobin is too important to take my calls: is there seriously a market for this item? How could I have missed a public outcry demanding the ability to broadcast your weigh ins to the world?


I'm risking an angry wife and I'm saying A. I don't know which one belongs to which one of you. But if I had to choose one for myself, I'd choose A. Also, I don't have a bowling ball.


I don't know what the generational thing means but I LOVED #2 until I saw #1. It clearly wins the contest, hands down.


A A A A A - Thats five votes for A.


I vote A, but alas, my vote only counts as half. Also, if contestant B were competing with a clutch, I would go for B hands down.

Jobin Hume

So, purse A is up 5-4 counting this blog and facebook. Several votes are known to be from people Ashley pays, so they are only counting for half. I am still soliciting votes around Spalon, so this contest remains a dead heat!

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